Saturday, February 8, 2014

Modernizing a Fantasy Adventure

I was happy to see +Erik Tenkar reported he'd used my adventure from The Manor #3.  I'd playtested that adventure a few times and liked it.  It is the first of a three part adventure series.  But I've only completed the first one.  Any way, +Douglas Cole wrote a post about the game over at Gaming Ballistic.  A concise retelling of the adventure.  It sounds like the players had smoking hot dice.  Usually its the GM that clobbers the players.  And I just saw that +Peter V. Dell'Orto posted a recap on his blog, Dungeon Fantastic.

The one thing from the report is I need to include an on-line friend map with the PDF versions.  A map that is not labeled with numbers or shows where the secret doors are.  When you know where a secret door is then it's just a door.  

Douglas mentioned that he wanted to take the adventure and modernize it.  I'd been thinking of redoing another adventure of mine in the same way.  I think that would be a cool exercise.  And being Douglas is a GURPS guru and I'm not to shabby myself, recreate it for a different system.   I hope I get a chance to do this.

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  1. Our dice were decidedly bimodal for this game. We rolled a LOT of 1s, and a lot of 20s.