Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Map Time

Another map in my series of index card maps.  This map was drawn on a slightly larger index card, the 8" x 5".  I wanted to draw a scene that was more wasteland, desert or just rocky terrain.  My maps are usually very green so I needed a change.  When I drew this I thought of a winding road through the rough terrain and around the mesas much like what you would find in the Badlands.

Other than the terrain I had no idea 'what was going on' in this map.  Other than a section of winding road through an unforgiving land.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.


  1. The color scheme on your map really evokes the feel of the badlands very nicely.

  2. I first viewed this on my iPhone and only the map came up (not the pic), but I was able to visualize the terrain. The image in my head was very similar to to the pic. Well done.