Sunday, June 21, 2015

And The Winners Are...

There were an even 40 entries with the international entries counting as two.  I had Ivy roll the dice to determine the winners.  And as it so happened, the two winners are WAY across the oceans.  One way to the east.  The other way to the west.

The first copy won a one-way ticket to Australia.


Congrats David, I already have your address so I'll send it in the mail tomorrow.

The second one is scooting across the Atlantic Ocean to land to my homeland, Ireland.  

+Eric Nieudan Congrats on the win!

Eric please send me your address to elder(underscore)sensa(at)yahoo(dot)com.

I'm happy to see to folks who don't get a chance to take part in Free RPG Day get a little swag.  Thanks to all those who participated.  Don't give up hope, I'll be giving away more things in the future.


  1. Having a Gaelic surname and an Irish grandfather, seems this competition was a very Celtic affair. Once again thanks Tim and Ivy for your generosity, materially and otherwise. I rarely win anything so this is very pleasing. Thanks too Matt for the congrats.