Thursday, June 4, 2015

GM Games Sales Report: May '15

This month GM Games released The Manor, Issue #8 which helped drive sales.  The Flayed King was downloaded over a 100 times.  Here are the total sales of the month of May.

The 8th Manor sold 93 copies in the first month which is incredible.  After I crunch the numbers and see how the other Manors sold, I think issue #8 is going to be at the top or near the top in first two months available.  However, this release of the Manor so a large decrease in the number of back issue bought.  In the past when I've released an issue, there would be a small surge of back issue sales, but it didn't translate into that this time.  I'll have to check back and check the old number and come back with something more concrete that we can compare.

Because of Issue #8, it was a great month.  GM Games sold 71 print units, sold 58 PDFs and there were 206 free downloads for a total of 129 paid sales and 334 total sales.  I'll take it.

If anyone has any questions about my sales or curious about the behind the scenes activity just IM or post a comment.  I open with this business and like to share what I'm doing and my experiences.


  1. Fantastic, Tim - soon you'll need a fulfillment guy! :)

    1. One of those sales was mine. It was a good enough issue that I reviewed it which is something I no longer do.

      Have more issues with as good content as Old School Grappling and you'll see more of my money too.