Saturday, June 20, 2015

Free RPG Day, One and Done

Last year I passed on Free RPG Day because the two stores that were participating in the area just annoy the shit out of me.  This year I decided to return to one and give it a try and I'm glad I did.  First thing, in the past they only allowed you one thing from the box.  This year they allowed me to select three things.  I dragged the wife along to get a few more additional items.  Two, the guy who runs the gaming session is one I'm not a fan of and is the dipshit feature in this post.  However, this year he was friendly and I actually had a conversation with him.  The other cool thing is that they had stuff from the previous years to pick from. 

So here's what I got. 

I grabbed two Goodman Games products, the DCC GM's Screen.  I thought this was an excellent idea for the DCC folks.  Then I grabbed a 5th edition adventure Into the Dragon's Maw.  I've been playing in a 5e game on and off and I go back and forth about writing an adventure specifically for the system. 

Heirs of Olympus was a 2008 Free RPG Day offering.  I liked the look of this one.  or layout purposes.  I am attempting to educate myself on layout and improving what I produce in the future.  I grabbed this to check it out for layout purposes. 

A Nightmare at Hill Manor was a 2011 offering.  I got this because of my interest in Esoterrorists.  I thought I could mine it for ideas.  It looks like a well put together product and I think it'll be a fun read.

Better Than Any Man, that was two years ago.  Probably one of the better items produced for RPGDay.  I grabbed a copy of this one because I know folks overseas don't get a chance at these items so I basically got it to give it away to someone.  I'll post the giveaway here in a day or two. 

The final two products I got were Pathfinder books.  The first book is Dungeons of Golarion.  It's a book of short adventures.  Not much more to say.  heh.  And the last book is Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, book 1 of 6 of the Giantslayer adventure path.  I grabbed it because it was the first in the series and those seem the most difficult to get.

Overall, a good day for RPGs.  I didn't get a chance to play, but I'm cool with that.  Hit the bookstore after wards and got a little writing done.  Hope your Free RPG Day went well also.


  1. Glad you picked up some good loot!

  2. Nice haul! I grabbed the DCC screen and then used it to run a funnel. I also scored a ton of Munchkin bookmarks. Happy holiday!

  3. I grabbed one of everything. I'm a greedy gamer.