Monday, June 1, 2015

Random Map Monday

This is the same map as the one I used last week for Random Map Monday except with the location details.  This map is for my next micro-adventure, Village of Osmolt.  The problem I'm having is that it wants to be larger than a micro-adventure.  I've edited the details on the map about a half-dozen times.  I had two write-ups started, but both of those were turning into hex crawls.  My adventure needs to be focused and funneled.  While play outside the primary adventure is good, there is very little room for it.  So I began writing a 3rd version and this time I think I have the scope correct.

I detailed the map in a program I have called Xara.  I've had it for years and its a fantastic program that I know how to use about a 1000th of its abilities.  I went with Hombre font.  To get the white layer beneath it, I copy the text, change it to white, then use the beveling tool to expand the text slightly.  This makes the text pop out from the map and almost gives it a 3D effect.

I continue to use my silhouettes as map symbols.  The little faerie symbols are locations where some of the faeries live.  These won't be detailed, but rather will be determined by a random table (this is my idea right now, might change).

I also put the map into to give it hexes.  There is an add on code that allows you to add hexes and adjust the size.  I did that for this map to give the GM some sort of size of the area.  However in the introduction of this adventure no everything is as it seems and its likely to change.

Lastly I beveled and rounded the outside edges of the map.  I'm not sure it adds to the map, but I like the effect.

No time to dick around.  Vacation is dead, long live the grind. 

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