Saturday, June 13, 2015

Far Away Land Last Night

Last night the B-team led by +Erik Tenkar as GM, +Douglas Cole, +Peter V. Dell'Orto, +Joe D  and myself used the Far Away Land Quick Start rules to play.  Before I get too far into this, I am lousy at picking up new systems.  It takes me several playing sessions to understand the nuisances.  However, Far Away Land was very easy to pick up and run a game.

It didn't take long to grasp how the initiative, attack and defense rolls worked.  But there was one constant, no matter what system it is I'm still going to roll and obscene amount of 1s.  Although, in my defense, I got them out of my system early and rolled pretty well in the final fights. 

Joe was our 'guide' named Sir Hanky Panky.  I made that up.  Well, a guide in the "I don't remember much what happened because I was too drunk last time" kinda guide.  Which was pretty damn entertaining.  Doug was our sneaky spell casting thief and Peter played.....wait for it.......a fighter!  I think his name was Mr. McBashy Pants.  I made that up too.

We went to a witch, I got a cool arrow, Joe complained about the quality of the witch's potions, but took a new one anyway.  We decided we were going to go by a mountain that was now infested with gobos (?) (I think that's what they were called).  We got directions to the Temple of Zoko and off we went.

The gobos were led by a small giant (Peter asked, you mean a human?)  and with a surprise attack we nearly took down the small giant named Grumpy Tum-Tum (yep, made that up).  During the battle my guy, Harlan the Arrow (I did make that up, but that was really his name), got smacked pretty good.  But we managed to route the gobos.  There was some equipment inside so we restocked, rested and got back to business the next morning.

We found a group of gobos along the way looting dead elven pirates.  A few of the gobos from last night were in the group.  What followed was the worst attempt to extort money in the history of gobo-ton.  We shooed them off after they got testy.

We went through the forest and crossed a bridge to the Temple of Zoko we go.  But before we reached the temple so bleach we had to cross the snow (it was actually a lake, but that doesn't rhyme with go).  In the lake were scary handed ghosts that splashed water at us.  The witch told us not to stare at them, so we played gin rummy until we reached the temple.

The temple contained a lot of demons and left over bodies.  This is where my 1s left me and I started rolling good.  Although the first fight against the demons nearly took me out.  I was dropped to 3hp.  One of my flaws came into play, fear of fire, and they were fire-breathing demons, I was -1 to my roll.  We found a chest to break into in case of emergency, but Mr. Sneaky Thief could not tolerate carrying around a locked chest.  That simple would not do.  It was against everything he believed in as a man and as a thief.  It had a batch of healing potions which a guzzled down a pair.

Up to the top floor where all the big demons stay.  There were comments about the big demon looked like Captian Kirk sitting on a big fuzzy purple d6.  But he had a blue turtle neck not a gold turtle neck.  Yes, demons wear turtle necks, a little known fact, but once you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

So the big fellow seemed upset they we came there to kill him.  We peppered his ass, but good.  We rolled well and his defenses were lousy, "stop that" "ow, you're hurting me" "I'm getting mad".  His armor sucked also.  The final fight we made big demon go down quickly.  We looted and found a spear of rot.  Which was cool.  Although we all stood around and wonder which of us would take it.

It was a fun session and I love trying out new systems.  Far Away Land proved to be an excellent pick-up game system that you can grab the quick start rules and go at it. 

Here is Peter's take on the night.
Here is Doug's take on the night.


  1. '...I'm still going to roll and obscene amount of 1s.'

    You should take up GURPS, at then least then you'd be rolling an obscene amount of 6s.

    1. You would think that would work, it makes sense, but I have the innate ability to roll the worst for whatever system I am playing.