Monday, June 1, 2015

Mail Call with a Graphic Image NSFGT

After my Dragon Age tragedy.  Look at the pictures if you dare.  This picture is NSFGT, Not Safe for the Gaming Table.  I warn you, the image is graphic.

Aww gawd, the horror!  The crumpled corners! 

I sent it back and ordered a new one. 


But today was a good Mail Call.  Noble Knight Games had a sale (might still be going on) so I picked up some odds and ends.

I got at least one Dragon Age product without a gory end.  Another Lankhmar product.  Like Ravenloft, Lankhmar is another line of products I am trying to collect.  O was happy to find this one.  The Deck of Illusions was a whim buy.  Not sure what it is, but for a few bucks I thought I'd get it.  And the final book is from Expeditious Retreat Press series of digest sized monster book broken up by location.  I have Underground and March & Aquatic already on my shelves, so Forest can join them.  I think these are an under appreciated set of monster books. 

Oh and I also got...

The Ravenloft core book for my collection.  I say collection, but I read and use these puppies also.  So the mail have been very good to me today.

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  1. Eff those crumpled corners! Good on ya for demanding a pristine box!