Thursday, June 11, 2015

Even Wiggy Loves Mythoard Day

Mythoard day is when my package arrives from +Jarrod Shaw and his minions at +Mythoard.  Even Wiggy gets excited.

A little story first.

I go to the post office where I am fairly well-known.  I won't say why.  My lawyer advised me to say nothing.  There is a lady in front of me trying to figure out how best to ship a Xbox 360.  She is deciding what box to use and she's sad that wrapping job she did wasn't good enough.  Tick-tock said the clock.  And of course my post office has one and a half people working the desk.  The half-a-person is this lady who is very nice, but has a suspicious Valium gaze.  She went into the back to get some stamps and she never returned.  Maybe they needed to hatch a new one of her from a pod.

So the lady continues to contemplate her 360 dilemma.  The clock is telling me my break is winding up quick and I still haven't gotten anything to eat, but I'm not going any where because I got a yellow slip in my PO box and that means I got a package.  And I KNOW its Mythoard day.

The 360 lady chirps  "That's too much money to send it that way, is there another way."  I may have said something like "UPS".  Maybe not.  And I'm thinking if you like the kid enough, get him an Xbox One, not a system they stopped making games for. 

I finally get to the counter and trusty Mike knows what I'm there for.  He goes into the magic package room where all my stuff appears from and there is it, The Mythoard box.  Fricking lady wasted 15 minutes of my time I could have spent with the contents of the box.

So here's a tip, do not open you Mythoard box in the car.  Especially if you drive an Impala and the box contains dice.  Here's why.  When I opened the box the dice fell out in between the seat.  Shit!  Impalas have seats that were not built for you to lose dice under because its near impossible to get your hand under there.  I dug and dug, and suffered a massive hand wound.

I managed to get all my dice back though.  Cool red ones from Chessex.  They were lose in the package. I imagine Jarrod has a couple hundred empty, plastic containers in his house.

No dice were harmed in the retrieval process, but that fricking four-sided was a pain to get.

Some of the other small items that were included was a small tablet thing with skull & crossbones.  It's tiny.  I guess you can use it as a hit point tracker.  Also in the pack was an upside down lich token, they always come in my package upside down for some reason.

I found these cool cards I'd never seen before.  They are set up for Pathfinder, but I can definitely find a use for these.  These cards are exactly why I love Mythoard, I didn't know about them and if I did I probably wouldn't have bought them because they are set-up for Pathfinder, but I am glad I h ave a deck because I know I can find a use for them.

The next thing is becoming a staple it them Mythoard boxes, a single sheet location with a random table.  This one comes with a map of a tavern you can use in game.  I used my upside down token to demonstrate.  I am demonstrating how the token casts a light spell in the tavern.

At the bottom of the box there are still more goodies.  Like +James Spahn's Omnibus.  I already have a copy, but it is good to have a second copy for the table.  Or I might just do a random giveaway, but I doubt it.

 The last thing in the box is another regular feature in Mythoard these days, a Judge Guild book!  I love getting these.  I have a small collection of JG books from when I was an early twenty something.  This issue of the Dungeoneer made me late for work.  I got to reading some of its articles, it is jammed full.  So between Xbox lady and the Dungeoneer I was late getting back from lunch.  The one upside, is all my bosses are late for everything also and they were later than me.  

Another great Mythoard box.  Jarrod was already showing sneak peeks at June's box and now I want that one.  It's a great service.  Jarrod is about as cool a dude as they come.  Throughout the post you can click on any Mythoard and you'll be transported to where you can sign up for a month, three months, six months or just have an on-going subscription. 


  1. this was a great first read this morning with coffee...and i agree, Mythoard is great. Guess that's why I subscribed for the rest of this year.

  2. Wound like that-zombie-ism is inevitable.

    Embrace the numb!

  3. Good stuff, and can't imagine having to wait in line like that.

  4. The only thing better than Mythoard Day is when Mythoard Day and GM Games Day fall on the same day! WOOOOOT!!

    Yeah, yeah, I know, Tim: "Get back to work on Stronghold #2, Boric."