Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Game Night Cancelled

After working hard on the adventure I got a flurry of emails Monday during lunch that one couldn't make it and two would be late at different times.  Because the party is in the middle of an dungeon adventure I decided to cancel and try again another time. There are times when having a partial party is fine, but when the whole crew is in the middle of a dungeon, not so much.

All is good though.  Four day weekend coming up.  Hope to get some reading done and work on a few projects.  Starter Adventures is in layout, just waiting for maps.  That is my fault for taking so long to get them to him.  I plan to play around with some layout ideas. This will be one of the more trickier layouts I've done.  Not that I have a ton of experience.  But I look forward to solving the problem.  I know I am limited by using MS Word, but its what I'm comfortable with.

Time for work.  Hope it goes quick.


  1. Sorry your game fell through. I've been trying to get a game together for the weekend, and hardly anyone has responded to me.

  2. Holiday time is always tough to scrounge together a game. But it's always worth a try. Have you ever been involved with the G+ on going games they having there? I don't have any experience with them, but heard they were fun.

  3. Sorry about the game; that's a bummer. The reading and projects over the four-day weekend sound cool though -- enjoy!