Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Stack of Monsters

Not sure why just thought I would take a picture of all the 'Monster Manuals' I have.  I didn't include the rule books with monsters in them, slayer guides or other specialty books. And this doesn't include the several PDFs of critters I have.  Just plain old, big ass, books filled with monsters!  

From the top to the bottom we have the Castles & Crusades Monster & Treasure, the Monster Vault for 4th edition D&D (this is on top because its a box and I didn't want it crushed.  The best thing about this box set is the tokens you get for all of you out there who can't dedicate a room to miniatures.)  GURPS Fantasy Bestiary is next.  I know it says GURPS Fantasy and that's because I pulled out the wrong book and I didn't feel like re shooting.  I admit it, I am a lazy photog.  Next layer is the   the eight volumes of Hacklopedia of Beasts, Malevolent and the Benign which I think is a under appreciated book, Monsters of Myth, the classic Fiend Folio, then the gigantic volume of The Tome of Horrors, Pathfinder's Bestiary 1 &2, Monster Manual 2, then the one that started it all for me the Monster Manual, Monster Manual 4th edition D&D, Monster Manual 3rd edition, and way down there on the bottom is the beautiful new Hacklopedia of Beasts for Basic HackMaster.  One book that isn't included and definately one of my favorite because of its simplicity is the S&W Monster Book.  Love those stat blocks.