Friday, November 11, 2011

Using Netflix as a GM Aid

There are enough reality shows on nearly an niche of life available any more.  For example, I know absolutely nothing about boating, but after watching about a 100 hours of Deadliest Catch I can create something for my players with a touch of reality.  I've ready Moby Dick (yes, the whole thing and I didn't even have to) and into the Heart of Darkness and a couple of other water adventure literary stories, but I learned more by watching the TV shows. The other benefit is the vast cast of characters you can collect.

I've got something planned for a future game session and one of these shows is providing a nice bit of atmosphere.  For me, it helps me realize my space, the world I am trying to develop, in a three dimensional and all five senses.


  1. Never used that approach myself, but it makes sense. TV shows are really good for sort of small, slice of life details at times.

  2. I for sure think that I absorb all kinds of things from my love of movies, TV, and music (and comics and etc etc etc). I've gotten great ideas for PC's from cop shows. There are so many great shows with exceptionally outstanding characters to adapt from - X-Files, The Shield, Luther. And Jeez, even a show like Dirty Jobs can give you an idea of what workers in the sewers of a fantasy city must go through (just toss in some giant spiders and Umber Hulks to round out the filthy experience). And movies, jeez, don't get me started.

    You sure can find inpiratoin from a lot more than fantasy books.

    Netflix instant watch is changing my life in a way the Ipod did for me a few years ago. Good times!

  3. Though there aren't lots of things I couldn't watch 100 hrs of, I agree: I use odd moments to watch (or half watch) something on Netflix Instant Watch for ideas and inspiration. It's a great resource.