Monday, November 7, 2011

Open For Business

I'm proud to announce my wife (The Happy Whisk) has opened her Etsy store, The Blanket Shoppe.  These are very warm, very fun blankets.  Shipping is free to the continental US, unfortunately shipping has increased so drastically we are not offering them outside the US, but if you are tucked away in the remote corners of Canada, England or Antarctica send us an email so we can shoot you a price and make arrangements.  So if you have a few minutes and need a baby blanket for an upcoming shower, need a different type of gift or just love blankets check out her store.  Thanks ahead of time.


  1. Great to see - congratulations! Heading across now.

  2. And thus, I have found myself with a new and unexpected option for a Christmas gift for a loved one.

    Coincidence? Impossible!

  3. Nice store!

    Just noticed your new DVD addiction. Not a bad little show.

  4. Go Whisk, best of luck with the biz.

  5. Thanks guys. Be nice just to get it sold off and close the business. Terrible way maybe to go into it but really, we just want that double office.

    Much writing to be done.