Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hunter and Four Orcs

I was playing RAGE a few months back and it had a great little mini game in it so I thought I would rip it off and place in my game.  Here is my version.  I think it is a simple game that I think will be a lot of fun in game.

The board is simple, it is build in a X shape.  Each arm has three spaces and the orcs start at the end of each arm and the hunter stands in the middle. 

  • Player makes a bet.
  • Four dice are rolled each round.  For every 1 rolled an orc is taken off the board.
  • If the player manages to kill all the orcs in the first round the player earns 10x his bet.
  • If the player manages to kill all the orcs in the second round the player earns 4x his bet.
  • If the player kills all the orcs in the third round he wins his bet back.
  • If the player fails to kill all the orcs he loses the bet.

Optional Variant
In larger cities gambling houses may add two more arms and one more space.  The player would roll six dice per round and the player would get a 25x payoff for the first space.

I think its a cool little game you can put in any tavern or gambling house and the mechanics of it make it game friendly and won't slow things down.  

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  1. It would seem to me that this could be adapted to a sweet mass combat system for old school D&D.
    : )