Monday, February 27, 2012

I Grab My Large Sack

Yup.  I know.  Puerile.  But I was tired and when Rob said it I laughed.  Then everyone laughed.  And then it became the tag line for this session.  So if you are expecting anything other than a tired DM managing three gamers you will be disappointed.

I'm going to give you the nutshell version.


Boog attacks soldiers.  There are 300.

He kills one.

Lord Kellington accuses them of their part in the destruction of the keep. 

Thrown in pit.

Meet a bard. 

Meet a blue eyed man who gives them something then flies off.

Blue eyed man was dragon.


Undead swarming every where.


Boog loses 2 strength and is very sad.

Army is being slaughtered by undead.

Bard sees a bodak.  Only bodak back though.


Inn.  Sleepy. sleep.

Wake up.  Lord Kellington's men downstairs.


Bard goes to farm where girl likes him.

No hanky panky.  Just sleepy sleep.


Walk to next town.

Meet weird guild member.

Boog does drugs.

End of session.

Told ya.


  1. ROFL. That was nearly the most entertaining game report I've ever read.

    And there's nothing worse/better when an unfortunate comment becomes the tagline and memory marker for an entire session...unless it's a memory marker for an entire campaign. I've got a few of those.

  2. IN our first Pathfinder game one of the NPCs asked my son's character a question to which he replied 'Orcs are Stupid'. What made it funny was were suppose to be hunting goblins not orcs.. It was just one of those things that had the whole table laughing our asses off. And of course we would inject it into every conversation that night.. we even considered t-shirts.

  3. Haha! Farmer's daughter jokes rule.

  4. Puerile maybe, but I laughed at it too...

    Fun report. Kind of like the "Lost in 8 minutes" recaps where they'd summarize the whole story from all the preceding seasons in a single rush. It works.