Wednesday, February 22, 2012

King of the Coupons

Whisk has been blogging about her new favorite past time, couponing.  While I think it's cute that she saves a quarter on bread, a nickle on a used twinkie and a penny on tic tacs, tonight I became the King of the Coupons.  Let me tell you my story.

I carried an old printer to Staples and got $50 off my new printer, an Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530.  I got it for $150. 

It's wireless. Does the auto printing on both sides. 
The ink cartridge prints out 2400 pages. 
I gave the salesman a 'Hell Yeah' when I saw that. 

But wait there is more.  I bought an extra ink cartridge and you know what?  I got a $40 VISA gift card when I did it. 

But oh wait, there is even more.  I'll get 20% back on the ink I bought which will be about $7 AND I turned in 6 empty ink cartridges and will get two bucks each for them.

So the grand total I save tonight on my $200 purchase is $109. 

While I admire Whisk's cutting out coupons and filing them in a nice book.  Tonight, I have claimed the throne of King of Coupons.  I intend to be a fair and wise ass ruler until the Whisk can come up with a better deal.  But there is a happy ending to this story for Whisk.  Because I am wise and generous she may have the $40 VISA card and get something pretty.  You are welcome. 


  1. Infinitely awesome score, my man.

    Not to mention eminently wise by sharing with the wife.

  2. Is she still armed with that steak?

    I wouldn't mess with her... I hear she's tough with a steak...

  3. ...she may have the $40 VISA card and get something pretty.

    You are truly benevolent. Of course, as the Roman conquerors were reminded, "All glory is fleeting."

    I mean, she got that toothpaste for FREE, man.

  4. That's one to share.. Nice job!! My wife recently picked us up 2 pairs of workout shoes (Reebok and Avia) that were normally $45 each for $32 for both. She was pretty proud of that one.

  5. Enjoy your gloating, but just remember, this is the woman that prepares your meals! She could always slip something in your dinner that will keep you on the "throne" longer than you'd like. You two are so funny.

  6. LOL
    The Blog Wars.
    I love it, you two are too funny!

  7. Oh my god! You totally scored! You should sit atop that printer like a throne. Awesome!

  8. Who on earth would want a used twinkie? And the bigger question being... how was it used?

    I suspect she'll have the dogs create a distraction and while you're not looking, completely dethrone you.