Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Barrowmaze

I'm continuing my line of reviews.  I want to do more of this year.  There are so many great OSR products hitting the streets and I want to take more time to do the reviews.  I know when someone did a review of Knowledge Illuminates it motivated me and helped me understand how this worked a little better.

This review is for Barrowmaze by Greg Gillespie.  It's available at RPGNow for the devilish price of $6.66 for PDF.  It comes in at 84 pages and well worth the money.

Buy it.  I'm starting off with buy it because it is a great adventure.  I am not one for mega dungeons, but as I read through Barrowmaze I was thinking how could I introduce this into my campaigns with both my veteran group and newbie group.  It is a solid dungeon crawl that goes on for days.  I love the backstory and it kicked started a few ideas of my own.  Greg points out in the overview map their is a section for the GM to develop and man did I have a lot of ideas what to do with it once I was done reading.

The artwork is all done by guys that have become the forefront of OSR art.  The art really enhances the feel of the adventure and to me captures the spirit of adventures I want to go through.

Layout for this is easy to read.  Which is very important considering its scope.  But everything is easy to find and Greg makes it easy for the GM to navigate the maze.

I plan on running it in my own game.  That's about the biggest endorsement I can give.  Do yourself a favor and go get a copy.  Oh, and don't forget your 10' pole.


  1. That's pretty persuasive, even more than the title and the overall concept, not to mention the size of the place. I have a backlog of reviews I want to get through as well. This OSR/general-indie movement is really only just getting started, and may still be at the pushstart stage. We all need some good friendly shoves.

  2. Good review. It sounds interesting.

  3. I really like the sheer chaos in the melee on the cover.

  4. Tenkars review: OSR = Oh Sh*t, Run! LOL

  5. Argh. My wishlist on RPGNow is blowing up. Thanks, Tim.

    On the other hand, thanks, Tim....because this really does look great.