Monday, February 13, 2012

Working on Starter Adventures

Yesterday I put in about six or so hours in working on Starter Adventures, mainly doing the layout.  With the artwork and maps and stat blocks and oh yeah the text, trying to find a good way to put the page has been a big challenge.  I fought my way through the introduction, cleric and fighter section and the adventure in the back is all set.  I had one of my little incidents again with Word closing on me and I lost about 90 minutes of work.  After a tirade of swearing I got back to it and ended up calling it a night when I got back to the place I had been before the loss.  Sometimes I swear this project is cursed, never had so many problems with Word.

Sections that need done:
Magic-User (4 sections)
Thief (4 sections)
New Magic Items
New Monsters
Red Bear Tavern
  - I need to get the map for this one.  I keep making them and losing them just as fast.
  - Need a few pieces of art for this.

Everything is written, except the magic item section which only need one more added.  Most of this is just layout now. 

Some of you offered to do some proof reading for me (Porky and Boric G) and I will be taking you up on that offer.  I would like to have one more set of eyeballs.  So if you are interested let me know.  Not only will it be for making sure my typos are no too obvious, but problems with layout they see or maybe something that needs clarification. 

And this one is just for Rob Conley, maker of maps, 5-4 I win!  Muhahaha.


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  2. I would like to have one more set of eyeballs.

    Heh...Just like Vecna. I nominate this for Best Out-of-Context Quote of Gothridge Manor.

  3. "I would like to have one more set of eyeballs."

    Now how do you know one of either Boric or I doesn't have two sets? You have no idea what species we are. Or do you..?

    * squirms in vat *

  4. I second Erin's Motion.

    And as I said, I'll certainly be willing to sacrifice mine for the cause....

    That sounded so much less creepy in my head.

  5. Cool Tim, I'm looking forward to it!

  6. I'd be happy to help out and give it a proof reading.

  7. And just look at Boric and I, commenting simultaneously, to the minute if not the second. Are we one? Or just puppets of a greater force..?

  8. I can take a look if you would like.

  9. Keep it up! Looking forward to the next starter adventure. Do you find this (second) one any easier?

  10. Thanks for the offer guys. When it is done I'll send PDFs.

    Digital Orc > A little. Mainly because it is a larger project (not huge by nay means) I think it will come in around 80 pages. Working with the artists was a great experience. The most difficult thing has been the layout for me and I've had several computer problems when I work on it. I told Ivy that I thought this project was cursed. But working through the setbacks.

  11. Awesome! Cannot wait for this one!

  12. Looks like others have volunteered, but if you need yet more eyes to look it over, I would be honored.