Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Sleestak Sunday and Zines

Little Enik when he was happy.  Before the weight of his fore-bearers was placed on his shoulders.

This little guy's first words were "Lurker, yum.  Munch, munch."

Snowy Sleetstak Sunday to all those in the blogosphere.  Last night I failed to make the 5e playtest.  Whisk was down with an injury and needed tending.  But it sounds like we may do it Monday instead of our regular game.

I also wanted to mention that I've gotten 20 sales this month with Knowledge Illuminates.  Someone bought 2 copies this morning.  This burst of interest in it has inspired me to finish Starter Adventures.  I'm stuck on the layout.  I'm struggling with even the basics things (like fricking margins).  I've got a good chunk of time to work on it today since I don't have to worry about GMing tomorrow.

I think Christian has started something with Lovitar.  Their is a welcome zine-demic going around the OSR.  Matt Jackson is planning to put out a new issue of his Lapsus Calumni zine.  You can grab some of the older issues using that link.  Also Matt has been doing a Friday Five Minute Map feature on his blog.  Very cool, but I keep forgetting to do one. 

Johnathan Bingham mention on his blog he is working on a zine called Delve.  He also mention Kobold Quarterly is open to publishing OSR articles, but hasn't received submissions.  In my ignorance I thought KQ only did 4e stuff.  I have been corrected.

I did a review on another zine style adventure earlier from Jason Sholtis, Zogorion, Lord of the Hippogriffs.  Fun adventure, well written and some cool surprises.

And I'll end it with the man who started this madness, Christian, is working hard on issue #8 of Lovitar.  Jay Penn is kicking out some great artwork and it sounds like Christian is going to need a bigger stapler.

Time to get back to work.


  1. I hope that the coming months brings lots of goodness to my mailbox. Everyone could use some decent mail now and then.

    Congrats on the sales!

  2. Thanks for the link! While I really want to do a mail zine(go all out old school) I just unfortunately do not have the time to execute this plan of evil. So until I do get the time, I will just be releasing mine via that old PDF format. :)

    Christian is really on to something here and I hope to see it continue.

  3. Awwww...Who's a little hissing hater of mammalian life? You are! Yes, You are!

    'Zines popping up all over. Who says paper's dead?

  4. Hehe, I just ordered a long stapler and some other needed supplies. I'm working on some content right now. I'm thinking about an adventure and a mini comic for the first issue, but as with most things that I do, we'll see where time and energy take me ;).

  5. That little Enik looks like he is made of Play-Doh. Which means that Ralphie Wiggum would have likely eaten him by now.

  6. The one coming out the egg is a cute little fella isn't he? :)

    Great news for Starter Adventures!

  7. Speaking of OSR Tim.. I love love love your page of links! Any chance of getting Basic Fantasy RPG added to your list of other game systems?

  8. The Dave > Added. Thanks for pointing that out. If you have any cool links to free stuff for it let me know. It looks like that page has a bunch on it.

  9. My money's definitely on Lurker. That sleestak doesn't stand a chance.

    Looking forward to Starter Adventures -- good luck with the layout.

    Hope Whisk's injury isn't anything too serious!

  10. Yeah, christian has me thinking about making a paper zine, but it's a matter of getting around to it, arranging my schedule for it, and such. Maybe, maybe. Heck, I have a hard time meeting the schedule I set myself for my blog.

  11. Tim,
    I'm up for any proofreading and editing help you may need for Starter Adventures. Just holler and let me know.

  12. I'd also be very happy to help with Starter Adventures.

    I'm glad so many zines are getting started, and not just because of the associations of the format. It also shows the power of a good idea and determination to see it through - christian is really showing the way with this.

  13. Thanx for the link Tim, Any traffic we can drive the BFRPG site the better!