Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Manor

The Manor is the name of my zine.  After much debate with myself and a good portion of emailing friends of 'what I should call it' *done in the finest melodramatic fashion*, Ivy came in after a long day of work and had the name nailed down in 5 minutes.

Show off.

Here's my plan.  And like all things I do, I might change my mind in the morning.  But for now, this is my plan.

I will write the whole thing.  Although I would like to have one guest person do something.

I will be doing the maps.  While I can do maps without severely scarring someone's eyes, I'm afraid my art may have that affect.

Here's the first map for The Manor.  It is for the micro adventure The Salt Pit.  Thus the name above the house.  My take on the micro adventure is something that can be played, start to finish, in the less than a half-hour.

Some of the other content I am doing for the first issue is to get a gruesome recipe from Ivy, I have a cool random table of 20 forest encounters.  Also expect a few colorful characters to add into your fantasy games.  And I may also rift of of Christian's LA article where he writes up something about where he lives and puts into game terms.  I plan to do that with rural Pennsylvania.

Advertising.  What I plan to do is advertise the current gaming products I'm enjoying.  And blogs.

That's it for now.  Time to get back to work.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about Starter Adventures.  It is in its second edit.