Monday, February 20, 2012

I Nuked Tim's Blog Roll

I worked on Tim's blog today for I don't know how long, because he was still subscribed to dead and spam blogs.

Thankfully, I was able to unsubscribe him from all of those, through dashboard.  But in the process, I blew up his blog roll thinking I could make a new one that would work correctly.


Good thing I'm cute, and armed with this steak.

Meanwhile, when I tried to rebuild a new blog roll, Blogger would not let me add more than 167 to his roll, before it locked and froze on saving.

No matter how many different ways I tried.

My solution was to part his blog roll into two lists, A-L and M-Z.  If anyone knows how to get past the frozen saving page, please let us know.

Thanks Bunches,
 - Whisk


  1. Maybe drop the pics and just have text.

  2. Dan: Thanks Dan. I tried that combo, even with just the blog titles. Ugh. Thank you though.

    The Dave: Every girl should have her freezer armed, just in case.

  3. Please save my place on the roll ;-)!!!

  4. I've been having the same problem. Can't add new blogs to my watchlist either, and must resort to adding new blogs through Google Friend Connect, which sadly doesn't let me get anything new on the blog roll.

  5. Haven't run into that problem as yet, so I don't know what the problem could be. Perhaps just add a few at a time?

  6. I'm also in the same boat. Lately if a blog announces it's moving or shutting down I remove it immediately so I don't have dead blogs on my follow list.

  7. Sorry for the second post but I think it's great that you have an Etsy shop! My wife and I have been doing Etsy for 5 or so years, it's great!

  8. I haven't run into that particular problem yet, but that may be because I handle most of my blog roll through Google Reader or the Google Friend Connect. It may work if you only add a couple blogs at a time.

  9. Mmm...I only wish I could help.

    I just wanted to say, Tim should still feel lucky to have you in his life (my wife wouldn't even TRY to fix my blog roll...though she'd cook me a steak if I asked).

    : )

  10. JB's right - steak and blogroll fix? Tim lucked out for sure.

  11. I'm afraid 166 is the limit at the moment!

  12. "I'm not dead yet. I'm feeling better."

    Much more maniacal Mutants and Magic mayhem...momentarily?


  13. Hey Boogerbutts. If I deleted your blog in error, I will surely put it back (on both our lists), when I get home from prep today.

    Headed off now. Cheers and boogie boogie.

    PS: I have a few non-blogger blogs that have to be returned to the lists as well.

    PPS: Thanks for all the comments.