Monday, January 21, 2013

+5 Speaker of Awesomeness

I braved a fricking blizzard to get these speakers.  I'm not exaggerating.  At one point our section of the highway were stopped and as a group think we all got out of cars to chip the ice that was freezing on our windshield wipers.  I had to do this 4x in about a half in hour span.

It was ugly out.

I traveled to Erie not knowing they were getting slammed.  But by the time I figured it out we were already so close I wasn't going to turn around.  The goal.  New speakers for my computer.  Not just any speakers, but Bose Companion 5 speakers

Been saving up for these puppies for a while.

I put in a sample movie and it sounds like a small movie theater.  Music...amazing.  I just have to watch the volume.  I don't want my neighbors calling to police on me again...I didn't mean again...really.

Anyway I just thought my speakers needed their own post.


  1. I am a big fan of Bose.

    Why is it that Ivy is clipping coupons and you are spending away? Just wondering...I don't see you blogging about how much you are saving on toilet paper.

  2. ROFL. What Ken said. Of course, this from a man who won a Limited Edition "miniature" on e-bay last night--a duplicate of one I already have--at a ridiculous price while discussing with the wife "how on earth we'll afford spring break vacation."

  3. Until recently I had a (small) Bose speaker for my iPod; it lasted a number of years, and probably would have continued to do so until I came back from traveling and found it mysteriously destroyed (either by the house sitter or my child when I wasn't looking). But it was a beautiful thing for years before I have a cheap-o speaker that I picked up on sale from Target for $20 ('cause I'm broke) and it's a sad, pale comparison, not even worthy of being mentioned in the same breath. Ugh!

    Enjoy it, man.