Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Gnome's Hole Fetish and Elven Skeletons

Last night we had out AD&D over on Roll d20.  Ken was the GM.  Dan and I were players and about half way through Rob joined in.  We tracked the orcs through a gully, but then found a trail of blood and lots of little arrows.  Poisoned arrows.  Tracking the blood we found an orc shaman ready to die, but got lots of information.  His group were ambushed by a group of kobolds.  The orcs lair was hidden underground, its entrance hidden by shrubbery (being Holy Grail imitations now).  There were 25 orcs total, of which they had fallen into worshiping something they discovered in their underground lair.

After sending the shaman to his one-eyed mother, we proceeded and I quote, "I'm a gnome, I wanna go in the hole."  Dan's gnome illusionist/thief made it known.

The short of it was we killed eight orcs and three skeletons.  One of which show flames at us.  And then this gray blobby thing.  I think that may have been the entity the orcs were worshiping.  I found an odd, but cool mace, +1, +2 vs kobold and elves and it detected undead in a 30' radius 3/day.  An odd combination.  And when we fought the skeletons I still believe they were elven skeletons.  The GM said no, but we know how GMs are.  Pffft.  I collected about 40gp and 20sp in spending cash.

Our red shirts turned out to be quality guys.  While I was rolling single digits during battle they were scoring hits regularly.

Fun was had by all.

The Roll d20 worked fairly well.  Although it seems easier in some ways and clumsier in other ways.  I still think Fantasy Grounds is the way to go for VTT.  The flexibility, built in ruleset and tools are a huge asset.  Plus, if I have to roll virtual dice FG has an excellent  simulator.  Roll d20 I was typing in /roll d20 a lot and always messing that up.  I like just grabbing the computer d20 and let fly.  And it never rolls off the table. 


  1. It MUST be something genetic to gnomes. The last player we had who played a gnome went and jumped--gleefully--into a dark portal when we had no idea where it went, what it was, or why it was there.

    Rescuing him nearly ended in a TPK.

  2. There are so many things involving gnomes, holes and fetishes that I am really trying hard not to picture right now. Of course, I just listened to Monty Python's "Nudge, nudge" sketch, and that's certainly not helping.