Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm A Bad Player

Last night our gaming group continued on and attacked the king of the people that were not paying us.  Which seems to be the only distinction.  The group laid siege on the king's stronghold, but there was no Durgo to be found.  The humble village tracker was absent...

Last night I did something I normally don't do.  I bailed on a game.  Usually I'm committed to game dates unless something important comes up.   In December I had to bail out of a Weird Tales game due to migraines.  But at least I let Trey know I wasn't going to make it.  I didn't even let anyone know last night.  I just didn't show.  Poor form.  Bad player.

I have a lot of respect for the guys I play with and respect the time they dedicate to our Monday sessions.  Its very rare that you can get seven very hard working people (I'm including you into that group Ken, but I'm really stretching it) who stop for a few hours each week and get together.  Its very cool.  And if someone needs to bail due to work, sickness, family, better offer from the wife/girlfriend/both then no problem.  My inconsiderate behavior by not letting them know is the real problem.  Just a quick email to let them know or phone or skype or one of the thousands of ways you can communicate with someone.

I'm very steady about attending and rarely cancel.  I doubt my group cares all that much.  Might not have even noticed I was missing come to think of it.  But I think of a times when you take your time to set aside to play, to prepare an adventure and then a person or persons don't show.  It's just disrespectful and in the past I've gotten pissed at people like that.  And after a few times you don't bother scheduling with them.

So don't be a bad player/GM.  If you can't play let them know ahead of time.  I could give you a half dozen excuses and one good reason why I didn't play, but I won't bore you with those details.  I've bored you enough with this already.


  1. I'm sure they'll forgive your transgression.

  2. @Trey: Or our forgiveness can be purchased.

    @Tim: I think there is a difference between a blip and a pattern. We were wondering where you were, but out of concern, not frustration. We are only frustrated with you when you are present in the gaming session.

    I will forgive you for commenting about my work. I do work hard at not working hard.

  3. Man I thought Durgo was there. some one had an axe. No that was the Dwarf Delvin. Wait wait the was a guy throwing knives. No that was Aeyron. Are you sure you missed there was a half naked guy with a mace who did not say much and never hit any one. Or maybe the Mage created him.

    Do not feel bad I had to miss for the first time last week.

  4. I totally agree mate, you got to let people know.

  5. Not a bad player at all. Just a bad person. See you next Monday.

  6. Just don't let it happen again. Now...go and self-flagellate with a pound of wet spaghetti.