Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dungeon Map

One of my maps from the AD&D campaign I ran last year.  I built in the Paint program.  Fairly simple when you're building in ninety degree angles.  For the debris outside the front door I used the spray can option.  I thought it turned out okay.  You see that room with only a tiny white space connecting it.  That is a secret door.  We soon learned when running an on-line game, you have to take precautions with you map.  Those large S's peek out will hint at a possible secret door.  So you want to keep the room's appearance clean without any large letters sticking out o the walls.  I have no idea what the odd block is in the lower corner is.

The players only went through half this dungeon, but they found the surprise at the bottom.  A cult was unearthing something.  Where the red marker is, is where they spotted a clawed hand that was 10' long and was a 100' in the air.  There were parts through broken stone where the body showed.  The players nearly pooped themselves (I think Ken actually did) as they ran out of the dungeon.

I wrote this adventure and its somewhere.  I have no clue where now.  Hope I find it.  When I do I put it out there for a free download. 


  1. Very nice map - I especially like the spray-can rubble. An excellent effect!

  2. Nice map--and it's snowing on your blog (or either I need to see an eye doctor!)

  3. Tim, we promised to never speak of this.

    The map doesn't do justice to the weirdness of those sessions. There was also the threat of the shapechangers in our midst and the urgency of finding all those kidnapped kiddoes.

    Plus the tarrasque...

  4. Bard Thanks Bard. I try to utilize the simple tools I can handle as best I can.

    Trey It is snowing. Ivy found some HTML code that can make it snow. Since I know nothing, including what HTML stands for, I am prisoner to her whims. At leasts its not a bunch of dildos doing back flips across the screen.

    Ken Sorry forgot about our promise. But its out now.

    Yeah the adventure was kinda strange. Not sure I conveyed it the best cause I tend to wing a lot when I GM.