Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creating a Character

Looks like we'll be taking a short hiatus from our Monday Night game due to other responsibilities that grown ups need to tend to.  Lo and behold, here comes Ken (aka Rusty Battle Axe) wanting to run a traditional AD&D session.  Woot!  He wants to roll up characters using Method 1.  Okay so here goes...
Which is strangely in the DMG and not the Player's Handbook.  Roll 4d6, ditch the lowest and sort to liking.  Okay, here are my six rolls.  Four black pirate dice hit the table.


Not too shabby and fairly common for method 1 and my pirate dice always roll high.  So before I arrange them I'm gonna pick a race.  Normally I play human, but I'm going off brand here and think I'll go for a half-orc.  I want to play a cleric/fighter and only half-elves and surprisingly half -orcs.  So half-orc it is.

I've already mention I want to play a multi-class character, cleric/fighter.  So I'm going to arrange my stats thusly.  Being a half-orc I get +1 to strength and +1 to constitution, but suffer a -2 to charisma.

Str: 17 (a 16 w/+1 race bonus)
Int: 11
Wis: 16
Dex: 13
Con: 16 (my 15 w/+1 race bonus)
Cha: 10 (my 12 w/-2 race penalty)

Luckily AD&D doesn't penalize clerics with low charisma. 

Ken has granted us max hit points and max money. 

So maximum hit points would be 10 for fighter, 8 for the cleric which is 18, divide it by 2 for being multi-class which is 9 then add +2 for the con bonus.  Starting hit points of 11.

Time to go shopping.  Max gold for a cleric is 180gp, fighter's max is 200gp.  So I got a 190gp to get my goods.  So with multi class you go with armor least restrictive and weapons most restrictive. 

90gp Banded Mail
10gp Helmet
10gp Shield, small

4gp Footman's Mace (2-7/1-6)
2gp Holy Symbol, iron

2gp Backpack
1gp Large Belt Pouch
4sp 50' Rope
30sp 2 empty water skins
10cp 10 iron spikes
1gp Tinder Box
6gp 2 weeks standard rations

25gp Riding Horse
15sp Bit & Bridle
12sp Harness
10gp Saddle
3sp Saddle Blanket
4gp Saddle Bags, large

If I've done my math right that leaves me 21gp and 15sp.  So I'll need to be on a tight budget.

No need to worry about alignments, but I am a cleric.  He said if you chose to be a cleric you needed to create your own religion.  I was thinking istn't that what they do anyway?

I will be a battle cleric.  I'm going to use the cleric of Thor as the inspiration.  They are monster hunters.  I got to play a cleric of Thor in a convention and had a great time playing him.  So I think I think my guy will be an Adzeer of Kotoll, a god of battle, of hunting and of the night.  There are no restrictions on getting one's quarry.  It is better to be the hunter than the prey.

That about does it except for a name.  Hmm, Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle


  1. That's a pretty badass warrior-priest. Though, am I mis-remembering or can't cleric-fighters use edged weapons? Not that I object to a good, stout mace...especially with fighter weapon specialization.
    ; )

  2. Come now, 10 isn't a low Charisma, it's perfectly average :)

  3. Very cool character -- I hope we get to hear about his adventures!

  4. Quality stuff. You've actually managed to create a religious type for the table that I as a GM wouldn't single out for divine punishment. ;0).

  5. That's a pretty wicked priest. Wait... I didn't mean it like that. I meant "wicked" spelled with a "PH". OK that didn't make sense either.

    But now I'm jealous; it sounds like it'd be fun to play with this cleric in the party.

  6. Nice! I am looking forward to Monday.