Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dungeon Infinate

Messing around with the art program and I accidentally did this. Same map, infinite possibilities. Multiple universes with countless dimensions all traveling along different timelines. Meet Dungeon Infinite.

This is what it looks like normally before I start messing with it.

Then I thought I would like the old style solid background.  I was going to go with that pale ass blue from the early ages, but I went for a real blue.

Then I started playing with art programs.  This one I drew in Paint then tossed it over into Xara. 

Here are the other levels of this dungeon.

For these I used that confetti fill and it looks a little annoying on my computer screen.  The solid is easier on the eyes.  Tomorrow, well tomorrow is work.  No maps will be made.  And that is a sad thing.


  1. Cool. Does the confetti mean it's a celebratory dungeon?

  2. That first image makes me want to see a Game of Life program that generates dungeons instead of cell patterns, fighting with each other for life.

  3. A parade dungeon?

  4. It is still swowing on your blog.

    I am not sure I am huge fan of blue and black together, but I do prefer the solid fill to the confetti fill.

  5. I'm with Pat.... I want to see that Game of Life.

    The infinitely-repeating dungeon is cool, but makes my head hurt.

  6. I found some dungeons i drew in the 1970s recently. Then I read this post. Now I wish I had not tossed them out.