Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moleskin Maps: Volume Three

Matt Jackson released the third volume of Moleskin Maps.  If you are in the need for maps, and if your gamer you can never have enough maps, go to RPGNow, plop down $2.99 of fake money (cause when you buy stuff over the internet it doesn't really count) and receive 10 maps and each map has a write up sheet to make quick work of an adventure.

These maps are ideal if you're a GM and need something quick for your game night.  I've used Matt's maps several times and what's great about them is they are small and manageable at a glance.  And don't confuse their small size with blandness.  Each map has its own unique personality.  When I look at Matt's maps I intuitively think that's where the roper goes, loot there, good place for a trap and maybe a room for some grunts for the players to kill.  Bam!  Within 10 seconds of looking at his maps I have an adventure.  It's like magic.

If you starting or in the middle of a campaign do yourself a favor and pick up Moleskin Maps: Volume Three or two or one or all of them.  It will make your adventure planning easier so you have more time to plan out your next TPK.  For the low price of $2.99 you're getting hell of a good value for your money.


  1. they really are nice and easy to use for planning or pickups

  2. Went and bought them. I agree, they are well worth the fake internet money I spent on them!

    I'll have to pick up volumes 1 and 2 as well.

  3. Dang! Matt snuck this in, sometime between lunch and when I got home from work. Guess I have another entry to my "what I need to buy when I get my next paycheck" list. Thanks for the heads-up, Tim!