Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stupid Ad Sites

Like anyone I like to check my stats to see how many hits I get a day and recently I've been getting a lot from ad sites.  Weird, fake business sites or whatever they are supposed to be.  I'm not sure how they become such popular referral sites.  Not sure how that all works.  Today alone I got nearly 200 hits from them.  Because of this its hard to get an accurate hit count.  I'm sure everyone else out there is getting the same thing, but tonight I just wanted to get a idea. 

So I signed up for Analytics again.  I had it a while back, but it got messed up because I did something.  Now you only need to put in some code and count for you.  Well on the stats on my blog said I got 700 hits today (subtract the 200 from the ad sites) and on analytics it said I had 24. 


Technology is a real pain in the ass sometimes


  1. The stats Blogger provides are just weird. I have an account with StatCounter and those, I think, are much more reliable. They seem to filter hits ad sites ect. and you can tell them to filter bots as well-

  2. More like all the time! Technology

    Like the snowflakes!

    I don't understand the stats at all I can't get them to add up either.

  3. Jedidiah beat me to it. Statcounter's stats seem MUCH more accurate than addition you can black out your own URLs so that your views don't count on your stats.

  4. I've been getting hit by them too. Blogger needs to give us the option to blacklist those sites.

  5. Yeah, I also think most of my hits are either spam-bots, web-crawlers, or non-gaming types who got there by accident via google search. The internet is weird.

    I figure Members is probably the best estimate of actual readers. That and comments. Occasionally I get a spike if someone links to one of my posts.