Friday, January 11, 2013

Map Transformation

I found this map in my ever growing file of not completed adventures I'm working on.  I sketched it for my Starter Adventures book to have Rob Conley work his magic.

This is the barrow tomb of a minor barbarian chief.  The adventure is called 'The Cleaner' because you as a thief are supposed to go in and poke around.  Sardwin the Sharp, your instructor in the art of thievery, says..
"A band of adventurers broken into one of the barrows.   They took their share of loot, but they always miss something.  None of us was with them.   I want you to go into the barrow and find what they left behind.  Sometimes they stash items for later."
 And so starts your adventure as a solo thief heading into a plundered tomb.  Here's Rob's purdy map.

We played around with the fill and I liked the tonal gray the best.  Rob did a damn good job of capturing the map feel I was going for.  Of course, how could be not, my sketch was to spot on and so lifelike it was spooky.

I thought I'd give people a peek at what they would find in Starter Adventures.  I'm happy with it and I will be getting it out the door this spring.  Just one of those projects I keep pushing back into a file and pulling out every so often.  Oh, and if that map isn't cool enough for you here is the artwork from Jason Sholtis that goes with it.  I think the title for this one should be, "Failed Save". 


  1. I guess it is good that you are not doing a kickstarter.

  2. I agree that the gray looks good on the map.

  3. Great map and love the artwork! Can't wait to see the final product....