Monday, January 21, 2013

Cleaning the Desk

Cleaning the my office table again.  Maps and half written adventures and crap I don't even remember getting it amongst the piles.  Sorting and organizing, throwing away and filing, lifting and wiping.  I've got pieces of the next Manor all over the place.  I have managed to pull together all my files for Starter Adventures, but found I have lots of work to do.

First off, I apparently used 9 font for the first half and a 10 font for the second half.  That irritates me to no end.  The wife says the font is still a little small.  Arg.

Second, I need to adjust the margins.  Inside margins need to be a bit bigger so when the book is bound you don't lose text into the center.

Third, I need to reformat the middle section.  The majority of the book is in a two column format and for the tavern section I did a single column thinking it would look okay.  After printing it I don't think it looks good mixing the two.

Forth, some minor writing needs done.  The last section of new monsters and magic items a few entries still need completed.

And lastly, I need to study up on how to transfer the file to Lulu and RPGNow to get it into book form.

I was looking at the prices.  I think my Starter Adventures will come in around 56 pages.  I see some of the prices have gone up.  I'm not sure what the price point will be yet, but hardly a concern until I get all my crap completed.

Editors, Luckily I have two on board for sure and a third I'm sure that will help clean up any sloppiness on my part.

And stop being distracted by all the other maps I find and wonder what I can do with them. The picture above is something I made messing around with Xara.  It's the entry way to the Temple of the Dead.  How can I not be distracted by this?


  1. Let me know if you need an extra pair of eyes to review. I can always send my to you via FedEx.

  2. You were the third editor I was talking about.

  3. Ah, yes, the Minister of Sloppiness Elimination.

  4. Does that mean I get to be named the Smithy of Typo Eradication?

  5. Minister of Sloppiness Eliminator!

    And the Red Smithy of Typo Eradication.

    I like the titles. May have to get stickers or pins for you guys so when you march into work they can address you by your proper title.