Thursday, January 10, 2013

Got My Rejection, How About You?

I came home from work, sorted through my email and saw an email from the RPG Blog Alliance.  I hadn't really visited there in a while.  When I switched computers last year I failed to bookmark it.  In the ever changing blog world its banner got pushed to the side a while ago and I admit I forgot.  Open up the email and saw my site had been rejected which was weird since I'd been a member for four years now.  I thought maybe they were cleaning out some bloggers who hadn't been active on their site or something.  I soon discovered on their blog they were hacked.

I remember when I first started blogging it was important for me to get accepted in the RPG Blog Alliance.  Seemed like everyone with a gaming blog was on there and I knew if I could get in more traffic would increase to my new blog.  Made a huge difference.  My visits went up right away.  Plus, it helped me find a lot of other great blogs I would have missed.

I'm putting up their banner again.  I'd forgotten how I got my start and how they helped me.  If you haven't checked out their site they've got a lot of great blogs on there to check out.  I'm looking through a few now I plan to join.


  1. I joined RPGBA as soon as I started blogging last year. Looking at my referring sites, I get very little traffic from them. I've speculated on a couple of reasons for this.

    1. My blog really, really sucks.

    2. Writing primarily about an obscure game in a niche genre in a niche hobby, I'm getting about as many site visits as I can reasonably expect.

    3. Visitors find the site in other ways.

    4. Visitors use RPGBA to find the site the first time, and follow or blog-roll the site.

    My money's on number one. ;^)

  2. I'll bite. I submitted my application. I'll post the approval or rejection status when I find out.

    IRT to driving traffic, I've found the most effective strategy is to be a productive [hopefully] commentator, adding to discussion. Of course there's a fine line between that and trolldom.

    @Black Vulmea - I knew I recognized your name, I bookmarked your Robots & Rapier Scenario Generator. Very nice and quite adaptable to other settings.

  3. I got a rejection as well. I'll worry about it when I have more time to go mess with it once more...

  4. They got hacked. That's where the rejections are coming from. Jeffrey Brisette is working on getting things back up and re-adding everybody.

  5. Thanks for the explanation - I got a rejection as well.

  6. Sadly, we got hacked and the person in question thought it would be funny to reject over 190 site. As you can imagine it took me a while to sort things through. Although I'm still getting emails from people this morning.

  7. Is it wrong that I feel a little let down that I never got a rejection?

    I use RPGBA a heck of a lot when at home. Sure, i set a lot to follow through my reader, but since it is a great pace for new bloggers to build up an audience - like I did myself a few moths back - it's worth checking back on there for new things to read, or even occasional articles by older blogs that don't make it onto my short list.

  8. Paul don't feel let down. The hackers reject selection was pretty random.

  9. Turns out I got one too, but gmail had put it in my spam folder for some reason. Just noticed it this morning.

    Glad it got fixed so fast! Good response time.