Tuesday, January 1, 2013

House Cleaning at the Manor

A slightly new look for Gothridge Manor.  I divided my blog rolls into 5 instead of just 2.  I'm following a lot of blogs so I am hoping I can keep up with them better.  I guess I have 6 blog rolls.  I put The Happy Whisk on her own blog roll and as I was instructed "Keep me on top."  And so I will.  I have to keep an eye on her anyway.  She's trouble.

On the right side I'm still shlepping my goods.  Knowledge Illuminates and The Manor #2 has found a new home over at Lulu and things are going well there.  However, Issue #1 of the Manor does not want to go.  It's file is refusing the cooperate.

I'm going to reinstate my commenter experience points table on the side.  I'm going to simplify it for myself because last time I did it I had to do math.  I don't like doing math.  So it will be a simple 1 comment for 1xp.  What does that mean?  I have plans for those who take the time to comment.

I won't be doing the State of the Manor 2012 in this post, but do plan to do one.  I've got a list of things I'd like to accomplish.  Need to focus a bit more.  I was told focus was the other F word.  It kinda feels like it.

Happy New Year folks. 


  1. What the f' is "focus"? Never heard of it ;)

  2. So you are using GURPS for your XP system on your blog?

  3. (Hey...be careful. The Whisk's over there listening to you.)

  4. What earns us the 5% and 10% experience point bonuses? Clearly my prime requisites are too low...

  5. Once I get to second level I can finally cast spells!

  6. Do we get XP for killing other commentors? Just curious.

  7. Erik - I've heard of it, but didn't believe it existed.

    Ken - Going more for a generic, mostly useless xp system. I think it will be come all the rage.

    Boric - She is. I have the slap mark on the back of my head to prove it.

    Wife - Bread was great.

    Dave - Since you asked the question that puts you in a category all your own. Your 10% was calculated in.

    Zzarchov - Yes, but you can only cast the spell that with orange.

    Trey - You was too high level to get any xp for that. You'll need to spend more gold in the tavern.