Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Shouldn't Blog Before Going to Bed

I reread my blog for last night and for someone who didn't drink a drop of alcohol I would have had hard time proving that in court if my blog entry was used as evidence.  I fixed.  Or as much as I could.  My next blog title might be Don't Block Before Going to Work.  Cause I'm in a hurry.

I found the adventure that goes to the map.  I have a bad habit of tossing stuff once I'm done with it.  But it looks intact and there were a few things in there I forgot about.  The players came across a door that was icy cold and it freaked them out and they left it alone.  Now they'll know what they missed.  Probably one of my favorite encounter in the dungeon.  I'll try to have it available tomorrow.  Depends if I go see a movie to night.  Haven't been to a movie since the Avengers.

I'm digging this 3-day work week.  I could get used to it.  Just as long as I could keep my 5-day pay.  I got to keep myself in gaming materials.  I'm still waiting on Lulu to send out the two books I ordered, The Advanced Adventure Compendiums.

Click to get buy at Lulu.
Click to buy at Lulu.


  1. Be sure to let us know what ou think of the Advanced Adventure Compendiums.

  2. Tim...on advice of legal counsel I'd suggest.... Ugh. Y'know what? You're right. Never mind the advice. The evidence is TOO overwhelming. Let's plead you down, man. Just plead down.