Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monster Hunter: New Class

After a confab with my friend Rob (Bat in the Attic) he was able to help me hone a character class I'm making.  First off, I don't usually make my own classes cause I'm lousy at it.  But, I think this one is fairly cool.

After creating the character for Ken's one-shot adventure, a cleric whose god is a monster hunter.  So I thought it might be cool to create an actually class around the concept.  After some discussion I think I have it the way I want it.

I don't try to balance player classes.  I just, for the very few I've made, just make them to be fun.  Sometimes I go overboard with do-dads and cool things and that's why I called Rob on Skype and asked for a little help. 

The basic jist of it is a cleric class that, you'll be shocked, is a monster hunter.  His religious duty is the cleanse the land of critters.  In this class I will not define what a monster is, GM can do that.  Let him fight with his player about what qualifies.  I've combined the cleric and the ranger class a bit and he will have access to a special spell list that will include magic-user spells.  These guys are offensive in nature.  if you're looking for a medic, keep looking.

And I've tweaked the turning ability for him.  I think the effect will be cool.  There are four circles of station within the religion and tests the monster hunter must pass before moving into the next circle.  

I'm writing it up as a S&W Complete class.  It'll be the final piece to the issue 3 puzzle.  I swear it's cool.


  1. I. Cannot. Wait. To. See. This.

    In fact, I may have to tweak for 3.x as well, if you don't mind having it "yoinked."

  2. I thought all PCs were kind of "monster hunters." Oh, wait...that's only editions 3+.

    ; )

  3. Want to convert Adzeer? (funny thought, converting a cleric)