Friday, January 18, 2013

Tavern Cards

Who am I talking about?  Hannah Lipsky of Chaotic Shiny Productions.  She has put together a very cool Kickstarter.  Tavern Cards.  With a deck of cards you can flip them over and instantly generate a fun and interesting tavern.  And there is always a need for taverns.

Before I get into the product itself I want to sell you on Hannah and her company.  I've been a big fan of her program generators since she started.  I've promoted them here several times and would gladly do it again.  I've wrote to Hannah briefly through email and she has it planned out and knows the pitfalls of a Kickstarter.  She plans to keep it straight forward so she can deliver her very cool product on time.  With all the recent negative posts about Kickstarters and how people have been throwing their money into a hole.  I have no trouble backing this project because I'm very confident in Hannah's ability to produce her tavern cards.

The tavern cards will all be unique.  And probably my favorite thing is they will be done in the style of a tarot deck.  So if you are a tarot deck collector like me you gotta get a pack or two or three. 

Each suit creates a different aspect to the tavern.

So you can see Hannah's Tavern Cards can be used in multiple ways.  Its a very cool idea.  While I enjoy a good computer generator there is something about having that tactual experience.  Plus you'll have a ton of cool art to go with it.

Stretch goals.  No Kickstarter would be with them.  Hannah I think has been very smart with the stretch goals.  This is where many KS projects go to grass.  They promise these fantastic stretch goals to get more money, but fail to plan the costs and the reliability of the people who would produce them.  Hannah's got her stretch goals already calculated into everything.  She has even done Extensive Math!  Its in her update section where she breaks down the cost of everything.  Love it.

Back to the stretch goals.  An unnamed stretch goal is the first level, then Pirates!  Yeah, I want to see them.  Then another mystery level and the last stretch goal written is High Fantasy deck.

The price point on these decks are great.  Get in early and they're even better.  Here's the basic break down $13 for 1 deck (or $11 if you are an early backer), $24 for two decks (or $20 if you are an early backer), or $35 for 3 decks and at this level that unlocks all the booster and stretch goals.  Then from there the goals get high with signed pictures and decks and enough decks to squash a owlbear.

So head on over to the Tavern Card kickstarter and back Hannah in her project.  I'm in for the $35 backer.  You'll be jealous of me if you don't.


  1. Neat! You know, that reminds me that I've never gotten around to playing Red Dragon Inn. Given my predilication for imbibery, I find that odd.

    P.S. Is "imbibery" even a word?

  2. I got excited when I saw Hannah's e-mail this morning! This is definitely something I can get behind.

    And you should always watch out for imbiberic predilictionizing. Especially when it's excessive.

  3. Thanks for the awesome write-up!

    And Digital Orc, you should definitely play Red Dragon Inn. It's one of my favourite games. It will be a challenge to come up with cool fantasy drinks that aren't inspired by the RDI drink deck.

  4. I received an email as well and I might have to dip a second toe into the Kickstarter pool.

  5. Nice. I'm in for $35 as well. She just seems so excited about it, that I couldn't help myself :)

  6. I didn't want to be jealous of you so I am in for $35. How could I not be?

  7. Dude, you've got to do something about the snow on your blog. I know you get lots of lake effect snow, but it is hard to take you seriously when I am commenting in the middle of of a blizzard.