Monday, January 14, 2013

The Party is Starting so You Better Book It

Jason Sholtis has unleashed another one of his adventures upon the public, Secret Party House of the Hill Giant Playboy.  I downloaded it tonight and printed it out booklet style.  Because its Jason I checked out the art first cause he's got pictures in about a billion and two gaming products.  On the cover you got Sardox steaming his nads with what I think is his favorite rock.  Reminds me a Flintstone key party scene.  The only gripe i have is there are a couple of pieces that are small.  I would have loved to see the one or both blown up to full page pictures.  The map is great.  I love his hand drawn map with the details.

As you would think there are plenty of random tables in this.  No, all of them are not d12.  Relax its okay, his d6 tables are pretty good.  Even one of the random party guests could be Zogorion from his first adventure.

The adventure screams fun through and through.  It's 20 pages of fun table, great art, a cool premise and its free.  Jason is giving it away.  He's a very cool guy who has a fun way of writing adventures.  Go download it.  Let Jason know what you think and take a picture of your booklet and share it.  Like this guy!


  1. Good stuff! And I still need to get Zogorion.

  2. Guess I've got yet another item to add to my never-shrinking list! Thanks for the review, Tim!

  3. Thanks, Tim, for pointing this out. Looking forward to downloading it.