Sunday, February 10, 2013

0-Hour for Tavern Cards

The Kickstarter for Tavern Cards is winding down and Hannah is just $1000 below the goal.  I'm calling out to an gamers who were thinking of pledging, but haven't yet.  Please do so because in a few hours the Kickstarter for the Tavern Cards will be over.  Don't miss out.  While I know most gamers have a dice fetish why not start a card fetish.  The cards are cool in so many ways.  The obvious reason is you can deal out an instant tavern and not just a generic alehouse, but one that is going to have a personality.  These cards are drawn in a Tarot deck style that I appreciate.  I have a small collection of tarot cards and would like to add these to the mix.  Lastly, they can be used to play gin rummy, crazy eights or a game of no limited Texas Hold'em. 

These cards look fantastic.  I'm hoping the funding reach the goal.  I have already cried myself to sleep as I've come to terms that there will probably be no pirate decks, but at least I can hope is the Tavern Cards get funded. I've made this post one entire link to the Kickstarter page so click any word and know in a couple months you have done a very good thing.   


  1. I'm already in, and I can't wait to see how the last couple of days goes...

    For the record, cards are definitely as cool as dice, or can be anyways.

  2. I am in as well. Nice to see that it is getting closer.

    So if you have Tarot cards, can you use them to figure out which Kickstarters to back? Or is that a job for the Magic 8 Ball?

  3. Pledged a week ago, and praying hard that this funds...selfishly and for Hannah's sake!