Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Location : Corvern's Rain Shade

To the east of the Corvern Falls is a wetland constantly barraged by the by the mist of the falls called Covern's Rain Shade. The water drains into the strong current of Cotter's Creek. Four families of boggarts live within the soft ground in a small collection of caves. They survive on the plentiful plants, fish and offerings.

The boggarts are experts in camouflage, stealth, and can become invisible for short durations, but they only do this as a last resort. Turning invisible causes the boggart to become extremely fatigued and it must rest for a full day to recover.

Locals come to the falls because it is a romantic spot and believe a love spirit lives within the falls. They throw offerings into the pool or place them on the stones. The boggarts collect the offerings and stash the coins in their home and eat the food offerings. Occasionally the youngest boggart will hum a melody from a hiding place. Lovers who hear the love spirit's song believe their relationship has been blessed and they will have a happy and faithful life together. Nobles and other important persons have come to the Covern's Rain Shade to gain this blessing.

Boggarts are terrified of dogs. When the locals bring their pets the boggarts will leave a small packet of dell leaf that pacifies the dogs and makes them sick for a few days.

Eight feet beneath the surface are the boggarts caves. The entrance is hidden beneath the surface of the pool and only large enough to allow a small child entrance. Their living quarters are well maintained and any items they have collected are neatly stacked and sorted. If anyone falls asleep near the fall they may awaken to find any lose clothing is neatly folded and stacked. Any loose food is wrapped and returned to the person's pack. These boggarts will only take what is given. They will never steal.

The boggarts will not attack unless they or their home is threatened. When they attack, they will swarm. Currently, there are 12 adult boggarts and 8 children who will not engage in combat. The adults will throw rocks, some have sharpened spears and a few have small knives made of bone. They will try to lure attackers into a marshy area to cause them to sink and then attack the mired intruder from a short distance. If any boggarts remain alive after an attack they will leave the area never to return.