Saturday, March 10, 2012

Map Time!

Another map I drew a few weeks ago I just found again.  Is refound a word?  The dark circle in the middle is a tower and the grayish area around it is...I'm not gonna say.

And for the record.  I really dislike daylight savings.


  1. Tim.. thats a good looking map! I don't mind DST but like a friend said it should happen at 2PM on a monday.

  2. I just moved back to the US from Australia, which does DST totally different (and in different directions), so over the next few weeks I have to coordinate meeting times with folks there that change from 18 hours different to 19 hours different to 20 hours different.

    And one of those time zones is a 30-minute zone.

    Yea, I really dislike DST too.

    Incidentally I love the feel of a good hex map.

  3. I like it too. Wish I had more time (and a scanner) to do hand-drawn maps, and I wish I hadn't thrown away 20+ years of stuff when I moved house :(

  4. I like that you're showing elevation changes. I've been toying with this idea on my next project.

  5. I'd go with "rediscovered." But I kinda like the sound of "refound."

    I had everything planned out for the time change, and then wound up unexpectedly sitting in the ER with a neighbor in the midst of a near-fatal heart attack.

    Cue one hour of sleep before church services.

    Oh, and have I told you lately I love the coloring on your maps? The colored pencil look is so extremely and sublimely old school.