Saturday, March 17, 2012

What is Your Favorite Game Drinking Vessel?

Here are two of mine.  I HAVE to have one of these when I game at home.  But never take them out of the house.

My zombie brew mug I got from Barnes after Halloween when it was cheap.  It holds a lot more than it looks.

Here is my favorite glass.  An old fashion Underdog glass.  Love this fricking glass.  Found it in a flea marekt years ago.  I broke my first one.


  1. I drink beer out of the bottle (or can).

  2. Cool. I jumped on the bandwagon... or I suppose I should say fell off the wagon... at

  3. I usually stop off at McDonalds and get a large hot Mocha on my game ply night.. so picture the brown Mickey D's cup and there you have it..

    I do rotate it out in the summer months with a McDonald's Iced Coffee..

    BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE Underdog!

  4. I have a old Beaver Oil Co. coffee cup (and yes, it's a real co. out of Hodgkins IL.). Got it some 15 years-ish ago. I have the handle broken 3x's and have had it re-attached.

  5. When I'm running the game, a giant Mug N Bun cup like the one in this pic: It's usually full of iced tea or diet coke.

    If I'm playing and drinking something other than iced tea, I use my giant glass Gen Con beer mug.