Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Game Session Report

Another Monday Night has come.

And gone.

The party did some stuff in a city.

Sold things.

Auctioned things.

Bought things.

The bard played music.

The cleric researched.

The thief gathered info.

Boog....Boog is Boog.

They went to the Village of Cambridge and followed the Bridge that Ended No Where.

The bought hammers.

They sold hammers.

They found a crypt.

Sleepy, sleep.  Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Four big scorpions attack!

The giant scorpion attack!

Bard saved vs. dirt nap.

Scorpions killed.

Thief takes scorpion poison gland.

Sleepy sleep.  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

A icky ghoul attack.

Bard entangle.

Cleric turn.

Boog beheads.

Agree to end session.

Bard no make next week.

Play test D&D Next next week?

Everyone nod.