Friday, March 16, 2012

Cool Gaming Stuff

Yesterday I went to the mailbox and POW!  I got a double Tunnels and Trolls gut punch from Tenkar.  I was the fortunate soul who claimed victory in his drawing.  See picture above.  See picture below.  Both are mine now.  All mine. MUHAHAHA!  Seriously though, after lysoling them because Tenkar is contagious whether he admits it or not, these are great additions to my small, but very cool collection of T&T.

Then I hit the local gaming store.  It wasn't annoying it all.  The one game salesman was not there and that is a good thing.  But I felt like buying some new dice for myself.  I got more than enough dice, but I felt like adding to my small horde.

Green dice for the holiday.  I was looking for more of a frosted green, but they did not have them.

This one.  I guess its like a magic 8-ball.

And my favorite die I got and the coolest picture.  Love this one.  Ivy takes great pictures.


  1. Dice porn!

    The d20 on wood is sweet.

    (Catalog title: D20-144182, The Twenty-sided Polyhedral on Aged Wood, or Colloquial title: A 14 Could Get You Killed In The Old Wood...)

  2. Congrats! Is that a third ed. of T&T?

  3. Those are some purty dice.

    I have no real striking green dice in my collection. I have also yet to purchase any dice in 2012. Both may need to change tomorrow.

    I'll send any complaints from my wife your way, Tim. [Grin]

  4. @Atom Kid - It's a copy of 4th edition - I had two.

    From what I can tell from the pics I've seen, 3e has the same cover (and stapling) as 2e does, but they used a different color ink for the cover (blue in the pic I saw)

    I have the TrollGod's copy of 2e, signed by Ken himself. There were less than 100 copies of 1e. I have a reprint of it, but I've yet to see one pop up

    @Tim - enjoy! T&T is a great thing to have on rainy days ;)

  5. I like the last picture the best. The Irish dice didn't shoot as well but that red on the wood, was a nice happy little accident.

    Happy Saint Paddy's Day, Gamers.

  6. Dice are sooo addictive! You see them in their gorgeous colours and hues, opalescent shades and gem-like depths and BANG! Before you know it you've bought a handful of dice you don't really need!

    I love 'em.

    Do any of you folks subscribe to that notion of other people handling your dice can 'hex' them? I know some of my players hate people rolling their d20 for fear of 'using up' their good rolls?

    Btw - haven't seen 'Tunnels and Trolls' since the early 80s! Nice one :)

  7. Those dice look awesome.

    Keep them away from two year olds: they also look delicious.