Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So What Happens When You Have A Game and No One Shows?

You bullshit about gaming for a couple of hours.  Tonight would have been our third foray into the world of Trey's, Weird Adventures, but due to some technical difficulties, family issues and over scheduling only Trey and I were able to make the session.  So for the next two hours we BSed about gaming, blogs, bloggers (that means you), movies, comics, cons and drinking or lack there of.  No dice were rolled, but sometimes its just good to shoot the shit about our geekness and enjoy the company.


    A game for between 1 and 7 excellent humans.

    You are a Bartender. It's 3am on Wednesday. There are no customers.

    RULE 1: You are a Bartender.
    RULE 2: You can Do Anything reasonable/exciting on a 4+ (D6) (Or coin toss)
    RULE 3: If your character would be Good At It, you may Reroll (or toss).
    RULE 4: Opposed Actions are Highest-Roll-Wins.
    RULE 5: You have one Thing (Anything. From Excellent At Billiards or Magic Antlers to Existential Shapeshifting or Atomic Manipulation)
    RULE 6: You have a New Years Resolution. If you achieve your Resolution in a game, you permanently gain +1 Thing.

    New Years Resolution! (Make one up or D6):
    1. Earn A Tip
    2. Punch A Baby
    3. Colonise The Sewers
    4. Evolve
    5. Construct a World Heritage Old Growth Forest
    6. Defeat Prince (

  2. Hey don't feel too bad, we had a game tonight and almost had a tpk. One guy made it out alive and had access to one use of raise dead.

    The player is an adamant RP'er and forced himself to raise an NPC he had history with rather than an actual human player. Oh the troubles of staying in character.

  3. Wargames, my man. Perfect two-player tonights adventure is cancelled fun. There are so many good, quick two-player games out there that you can just about find anything to match your taste.

  4. Or just do what you did, which is also good.

    We had the same thing a couple of weeks ago when our DM had homework priorities he'd forgotten about. Played some Castle Ravenloft, chatted, looked at crazy magic items. It was a good evening.

  5. It happens.

    Actually, for our group it usually happens because I'm not up to Refereeing a game on the day, but some people want to turn up and socialize anyway.

    So that's what we do. Drink tea, chat nonsense, maybe play Munchkin...

  6. Sorry to hear your game with Trey didn't pan out, especially since in the last report it sounded so cool. Hope it works out next time. (Oh, and I think just sitting around shootin' the shit about general geekness is a great substitute activity).