Friday, March 2, 2012

Birth of Baby Gamers

Yesterday I spoke to a few of the newb group and it looks like our sessions have come to an end.  With new jobs, surgeries, moves and scheduling I decided to end it.  A couple of the goers, younger guys, were disappointed, but understood.  I told them I would print out a couple copies of the rules for them (probably S&W core or complete I'm not sure) so they can run their own old school game with a group of their friends.  They already have the dice.  I told them all they really need is a set of the rules and some paper and pens. 

Now my duty has changed to Dungeon Master Counselor.  Which I think is pretty cool.  I'm trying to teach them both how to be a good DMs.  One of the first lessons I had to teach them is its not a DM vs. the players game.  Gave them examples of a scene, how a good GM would run it and how a bad one would. 

I'm very curious as to how this will work.  The next step is to see if they keep playing and creating their own adventures.  I'll give them a lesson on how to run one and give them a few free adventures to start with.  I've never been present at the birth of a couple baby gamers.