Monday, March 12, 2012

Cost of Zining (Zinning, Zineing, whatever the verb is for Zine)

I was going through all the up front costs to start this zine that barely exists in my head or in a file on my desktop.  My printer first at $91.  If you read my King of Coupons post you know I got it for a spectacular deal.  And its a ton better than any printer I've had.  Scans great, prints brilliantly and is almost as gorgeous as Whisk.

Then the second part are the supplies.  Most of which I knew I could get, but I was baffled by this creature called a long armed stapler.  Had never heard of such a thing.  In my exotic travels to the strip mall I traversed past GameStop, the Dollar Store, AT&T and Rent a Center and found Staples.  A land rumored to possess such a beast.  In my exploration I found one such creature and a little alarmed by the price.  But I had to put my big boy pants on and suck it up.  Also I needed the card stock for covers and general paper.  The other thing I was a little surprised by was the envelops.  The 6"x9" variety are not cheap.  For some reason the one that opens at the side are more expensive the the top opening envelopes.

What these pictures do not include is the price of is ink, a cartridge runs for $35 and the staples to go into my Swingline, were $5.  So let's get out the tally sheet and see how much money I invested up front just to put out a small zine.

$91 Printer
$35 Ink Cartridge
$20 Long-Arm Stapler
$  5 Staples
$20 6"x9" Envelopes
$15 Cardstock
$  5 General Purpose Paper
$191 Total

I guess if I look at it my printer would have been $200 by itself if I hadn't lucked out.  So to justify my costs I will go with that.