Tuesday, March 20, 2012

700th Post and Visons from The Manor

That's right 700 posts.  It seems like those 100 marks are coming faster these days.  I've been posting a bit more for some reason.  Game night was a blast.  We killed a small army of wanna be fighters, scared the hell out of the help, I peed in a demon pool and ran away from the slimes that emerged.  Fun times had by all.

Without more ado.  Here are the fantastic pictures you will find gracing the pages of The Manor.  Johnathan Bingham, game artist extraordinaire inked these two great pieces for me.  Thanks a ton Johnathan!   I'm looking to release the first issue end of March or early April.  Ivy has yet to slash at it with her cruel editors pen.

Oren the boot maker.  The teller of tales and drinker of drinks.  You'll meet him soon enough and discover is dark secret.

This one goes with a great poem Rusty Battle Axe contributed.  Umber Hulks are under utilized.  Hug an Umber Hulk Today!