Monday, March 5, 2012

Game Nights and Other Stuff

Game night tonight.  We will have a full crew.  An interesting thing happened over the last two games.  Josh, who played a mage originally took on the responsibility to control an artifact that effectively took him out of the game.  At least for a while.  So last game I had him roll up a new character and after some fiddling and configuring he is a 2nd level AD&D bard.  I can't recall anyone who played a bard in our old games.  Five levels of this, five levels of that and then starting over again.  I'm looking forward to see what his character can do, which should be a lot.

The guys are moving in toward my big city, Eastgate.  it's build on the same premise as the City-State of the Invincible Overlord.  So the 'points of light' setting has changed into an urban crawl.  They are wanted men and will now hide in the streets and alleys and sewers.  This type of game a lot of fun for me and one we run often.  I just need to do some work getting things ready.

On another front I bought a webcam yesterday and looks like Google+ did not in fact make my head explode so I'll be trying my hand with that.  I got to talk with a group on yesterday and it was fun.  As one guy pointed out the positives are even if they don't shower you can't smell them, but the negative is watch where you point that camera or you'll get some unfortunate crotch shots. 

I'm gearing up for a Weird Adventures game I get to play in.  I've been working on a couple character concepts, but need to see what kind of rule system variant we will be using.  Lorefinder will be the system I just don't know what the tweaks will be.  We are scheduled to play the Wednesday after this one.  Very cool.

A short word on the Manor's progress.  Jason Sholtis is doing the cover.  I'm excited about it.  He's also going to include one of his d12 tables.  The other guest contributor will be Rusty Battle Axe.  He's wiped some of the crud off his axe and contributed one of his D&D poems to the mix.  Again, very cool.

You know what's not cool.  It's Monday.  I think they should have called it....f%#@*&^^ day.