Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sleestak Sunday Top News Report

AP Photo/Aldun Yousef
AP Top News at 7:24am EDT

Alien Remains Found in Underground City

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BOGOTA, Columbia (AP) -- At 4:22am last night the Explorers of Earth found a frightening artifact of an age gone by.  A fossilized skull of a sleestak was found near the opening of a series of constructed caves.  The Explorers of Earth believe the caves are not man made and not made by any creature known to man.  Yet there was purpose in the construction, although alien to our sensibilities. They are estimating the tunnels go miles into the earth.

Some of what they found at the entrance was evidence of several hundred crystal shards of varying color.  The is some speculation they used them in rituals. Dr. Bromine is fast becoming the sole expert in the field.  While other xenobiologists have scoffed at his theories of the Sleestak's existence Dr. Bromine continues to dig for the truth behind these creatures.

The location of these tunnels is a closely guarded secret, but some inside sources claim the cave are just outside the Colombian city of Riohacha Valledupar.  At the time of this report this could not be confirmed.


Godwin reported from Bogota, Columbia. Associated Press writers Sebastian Renton and Davis Abbot contributed to this report in Riohacha. AP photographer Alden Yousef contributed from Bogota.

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