Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tagged, Award, Rumors, You're Next

Bogus Gasman over at My Pants Are Haunted (how can you not love the name of that blog?) has tagged me for most Versatile Blog.  Ivy too.  I think she is in double digits with the award.  There are rules to the award.  But like a good old OSR guy, I'm not all that fond of the rules as written so I am house ruling my version.

One of the rules is to give 7 random facts about yourself.  Okay, done old man gamer style.

Random Rumors Table of What Goes On In the Manor

1. Has a unnatural fascination with Sleestaks. (PT, I don't see is as unnatural at all.)

2. Did security work where he save the life of Brad Pitt by taking a bullet in shoulder for him.  (TBS, Little did I know how annoying he would become and his Hollywood attempts to save the world.)

3. I chain smoke Gauloises while reminiscing of the times I spent imprisoned on Devil's Island.  They thought they could break me.  Now the walls of that prison are crumbling and lay in ruin, while I sit here chuckling.  (TBS)

4. I like to call my self a distiller of fine fermentation.  White Lightning is my specialty.  I have trouble with transporting enough.  Drivers these days are unreliable and stick their noses in where they don't belong.  Pretty soon Otter Creek gonna have too many drivers in the bed to get good water out of the creek.  (PT I like to distill a lot of BS)

5. I cannot tell you my 5th random fact.  If I tell you, I'd have to come over and repaint all your miniatures.  You don't want that happening.  (AFT)

6. My favorite d20 is called Wimpy.  I have no memory why.  (AFT)

7. During my travels out west I met a man who claimed to have been abducted by wolf men.  He said they took him the night when he camped and brought them before a priest.  The priest killed a wolf in front of him and together they ate the heart.  Now that man believes he is a werewolf.  (AFT, not saying its true.  Just saying I met him and he believed it.  I don't.  I think.)

I cannot tag anyone.  I always disliked the game where a touch was all you needed.  Now tackle or body slam or drop kick was a game I could get into.  But my bones are too old for such nonsense so to any of you who read this blog and feel like sharing random fact able, please do.